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Tiffany's Monthly Market Update

Monthly Market Update. This is the second month in a row in which the average home sales prices lowered, the average list to sold percentages lowered and the days on market number increased for all 3 markets. We are definitely feeling the shift in the market. I recently got a home under contract in Seattle, in which we only offered the asking price, and we asked the seller to pay $5,000 towards my buyers closing costs and we got it. Seller credits can also be used to buy down a lower interest rate. That is definitely not something we could have done even just a couple of months ago. For all of the buyers who had a hard time getting under contract these last couple of years, and just wanted to wait until the market got easier for you, now is the time to take another look!

Sellers, this is the first time in a long time, in which sellers on average did not get over asking, but it was super close to asking 99.5-99.9%. It's increasingly more important for you to hire an agent that will go the extra step to get your house ready for market. The homes I list get cleaned, staged, professional photography & video tours, top notch marketing and more.

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